Variety of User-Friendly Surveys

Variety of User-Friendly Surveys

Our surveys have been developed by Teachers College faculty in collaboration with school districts, schools and national professional associations, including the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

We have partnered with schools/educational organizations, school districts, and national professional associations in order to develop and refine our surveys and the online platform. Our surveys are customized school by school, district by district, and state by state, so our reports give educators, administrators and policymakers exactly what they need in a form that is clear and easy to understand.

Our repository contains surveys that provide K-12 educators, administrators and policymakers with constructive feedback:

  • School Climate Surveys
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys
  • Individual Teacher Evaluation Surveys
  • Student Social-Emotional Learning Surveys
  • Implementation of Career and College Readiness Standards
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Exit Surveys for Departing Staff and Families

We also can help you design surveys for program evaluation. We work with organizations that operate educational programs of different types – from artist-in-residence programs in public K-12 schools to academic instruction in juvenile camps – to help assess the results of their interventions.

Our surveys offer some distinctive features:

  • Student surveys are offered in two versions: for elementary students (grades K-5) and for secondary school students (grades 6-12).
  • Our survey questions differ depending on whether the school is a “brick and mortar” (traditional), a hybrid, or a virtual school.
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