Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We suggest about 30 multiple questions per survey and 2 open-ended questions. Based on experience, we have found that when surveys are longer, respondents fail to complete the surveys.


Given the current climate, we recommend that students, staff, and parents take the surveys online. However, we do offer a paper survey option since some parents do not have easy access to the Internet.

Our survey program has several methods, including planting cookies on computers, to prevent a participant taking the survey more than once. In addition, SRI may monitor responses if surveys are disseminated through individual email addresses.


Usually three to four weeks after the surveys have closed. However, during the busy time, usually in the middle of the summer, it may take a bit longer to generate a report. We recommend that surveys be made available to stakeholders for three weeks.Final reports will be available about one month after the surveys close, unless clients are interested in having their results benchmarked against other similar schools.

Yes, we provide Spanish translation services for our clients, at no additional cost. Additional languages may be accommodated upon request.

As mentioned, each question can be customized by the client, but typically, we group the questions into four key areas, such as School Environment, School Culture, Teacher Effectiveness, and Administration Effectiveness.

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