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How Does SRI Fit into Your School Improvement Plan?

The Survey Research Initiative is dedicated to providing your school with the kind of data you need to promote the most positive learning environment for your students. To accomplish this goal, SRI staff work hand-in-hand with your point-person to ensure that our products deliver what you need.


Step 1: Determination of Survey and Report Types

Every school is unique and therefore, no two schools require the same kind of data. SRI provides a comprehensive list of survey and reporting options that schools can choose from. Our staff are on-call to walk you through determining which services fit your specific needs.

Step 2: Customization of Surveys

SRI offers thorough customization of surveys. Schools can determine survey length, which questions are used, and language use to best match school culture.

Step 3: Distribution of Surveys to Stakeholders

Schools have full control over the distrbution of surveys to stakeholders. SRI provides an anonymous link that can be sent out to the school's community in whichever fashion you feel is best. 

Step 4: Real-Time Response Updates

While surveys are open, SRI staff will check in regularly to keep you up-to-date on your school's survey responses and to discuss strategies for ensuring high response rates among your stakeholders.

Step 5: Production and Delivery of Results Report

Once surveys are closed, SRI staff create a thorough report of your unique results, complete with visual representations of your data, and recommendations tailored to your school's needs.

Our surveys have been developed by Teachers College faculty in collaboration with school districts, schools and national professional associations, including the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). 

We have partnered with schools/educational organizations, school districts, and national professional associations in order to develop and refine our surveys and the online platform. Our surveys are customized school by school, district by district, and state by state, so our reports give educators, administrators and policymakers exactly what they need in a form that is clear and easy to understand.

Our repository contains surveys that provide K-12 educators, administrators and policymakers with constructive feedback:

  • School Climate Surveys
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys
  • Individual Teacher Evaluation Surveys
  • Student Social-Emotional Learning Surveys
  • Implementation of Career and College Readiness Standards
  • Remote Learning Surveys
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Exit Surveys for Departing Staff and Families

We also can help you design surveys for program evaluation. We work with organizations that operate educational programs of different types – from artist-in-residence programs in public K-12 schools to academic instruction in juvenile camps – to help assess the results of their interventions.

We tailor our analysis of survey responses to your specific needs.

Our surveys are designed to provide accurate and useful information to assist clients in:

  • Reporting to various stakeholder groups
  • Recruiting and retaining students and families
  • The process of charter school renewal
  • The state accreditation process
  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Identifying areas in need of improvement and strategies for getting there
  • Documentation of growth

We ensure quality standards.

  • All surveys have specific goals or objectives; their design is consistent with those goals. When appropriate, the SRI will recommend alternative methods of data collection if a survey is judged to be ill-suited to a client's research needs and questions.
  • The SRI will assist clients in formulating the target population, sampling frame, and sample design. To the extent possible, the SRI will report data on the survey response rate, sample representativeness, and the amount of sampling error in the sample survey data collected.
  • Survey item wording and format will be informed by research on questionnaire design and scale development.
  • The SRI will assess the extent to which survey questions ask about sensitive attitudes and/or behaviors, and will advise the client on strategies to minimize the discomfort that respondents might experience when answering such questions.
  • The SRI will seek to ensure that all survey items are field-tested with a convenience sample that is representative of the target population prior to full-scale survey administration.
  • Surveys conducted by the SRI will meet institutional, legal and ethical responsibilities to survey respondents. In particular, the SRI will ensure that survey respondents provide their voluntary informed consent for participation, and that the conditions under which the identity of individual respondents or respondent-identifiable information balance individuals' rights to privacy and the legitimate purposes of the research.
  • The SRI will analyze survey data and report findings in ways that are appropriate to the data collected. Findings will be reported clearly and fairly, with appropriate attention to uncertainty associated with the various components of survey error.
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