Ready-to-share Reporting

Ready-to-share Reporting

We tailor our analysis of survey responses to your specific needs.

Our surveys are designed to provide accurate and useful information to assist clients in:

  • Reporting to various stakeholder groups
  • Recruiting and retaining students and families
  • The process of charter school renewal
  • The state accreditation process
  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Identifying areas in need of improvement and strategies for getting there

Other distinctive features:

  • Online access to results 24/7
  • Benchmarking: Compare your results to other similar schools
  • Longitudinal data: Compare your results over time
  • Assistance for clients in helping to generate their own reports from our online platform
  • In-depth reports that compare survey responses by question, by stakeholder group and across schools, school districts, and charter management organizations
  • PowerPoint presentations to communicate survey results to your stakeholder groups.

SRI is proud to announce that we are now offering a growth survey package for schools interested in tracking progress throughout the year. By using survey services two to three times during a single school year, your school can gain the advantage of knowing how students feel about school services, academic programs, educators, and administrators as the year progresses. This presents the possibility for schools to change course or institute new policies to respond to student needs throughout the year, as opposed to after the school year has ended. The growth analysis package is particularly useful for schools opening a new branch, instituting new policies or teaching methodologies, or that have recently hired new principals or other administrators. Ask us about how we can customize a growth analysis package for your school!

  Single-Year Package Growth Analysis Package
Survey Creation and Administration 1 time 2-3 times during the year
Analysis Type Snapshot Data (information gathered at a single point in time Growth Analysis (analysis of how data changes throughout the year)
Reports Received Final Report of Analysis Two Graphs-Only Presentations + Final Report of Analyses
Discount N/A 10% off final price
Best Suited For... Year-to-year comparisons; Benchmarking with other schools Within-year comparisons; Tracking new policies as they are instituted; internal benchmarking
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